During an Exchange online migration, some preparations must take plce in advance so users can be migrated easily to the cloud.
A typical error in the mailbox migration process occurs because of the mail domain (property: smtp/proxyaddresses) with the message “Target mailbox doesn’t have an smtp proxy”.


The Azure Active Directory has for some time been offering the ability to assign licenses to users such as EMS, Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint, etc.), but can also provide groups with licenses. As soon as a user is added to a group, if there are still enough licenses available, the user will receive the corresponding license assigned to the group. This works with synchronized groups from the local Active Directory as well as with Azure AD Security and dynamic groups.


Windows Server Manager lets you export the configured roles and features from the UI dialogue as an xml file. Unfortunately there is no possibility to directly work with this xml file. The following script shows a simple way to parse the xml file. You can then pipe the output to for example to the Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet.

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