When you plan on using Azure-Firewall in your Network-Infrastructure, you have to keep some things in mind - especially when it comes to Routing. In this article, I go over a specific scenario that involves a Hub-Spoke VNet architecture, a VPN or Express Route, a Network Virtual Appliance, User Defined Routes and last but not least, the Azure Firewall.


Azure Maintenance Functions - Part 1

in PowerShell by Christoph Burmeister
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In almost every Azure Tenant I use, I have one Azure Function App that helps me to be more productive. Since the first day of the introduction Azure Functions, I used them to
automate different tasks. Over the time, the collection of functions became quite big and I would love to share them with you so you can benefit from them as well 🙂


OpenShift on Azure - Custom DNS

in RedHat OpenShift by Christoph Burmeister
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If you are using RedHat OpenShift on Azure as your container platform, you are most likely using Azure DNS to resolve names of your cluster nodes – at least when you deployed it using the ARM-Template provided by Microsoft with Azure as the OpenShift cloud provider instead of an “Bare-Metal” installation on Azure VMs without an cloud provider config.

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